Serpent Project


Figure 1. Gold and/or copper showings of the Serpent Property discovered by Harfang during Summer 2017. The property is divided into two claim blocks (North and South). Background map corresponds to the total magnetic field (D’Amours, 2010).

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  • 255 claims (132 km2) 100%-held by Harfang (33F02 and 33F03); no NSR;
  • Two claim blocks located 85 km southeast of Radisson and 10 km east of the James Bay Road; the eastern limit of the property is next to the Sakami Gold Project (Canada Strategic Metals/Matamec Exploration); 2 powerlines run through the southern block;
  • Accessible by air (helicopter or floatplane) and by boat from lake Sakami;
  • Located in the La Grande Subprovince (Superior Province); mainly foliated to gneissic intermediate to felsic intrusive rocks (Duncan Suite and/or Langelier Complex) with narrow dismembered volcano-sedimentary sequences and an elongated ultramafic intrusion (sill?) extending for at least 20 km; nearly no historical exploration work in the area;
  • Many gold and/or copper showings discovered during a brief prospecting phase by Harfang in 2017; mineralization is hosted in quartz and sulfide veins cutting across foliated to gneissic tonalite; 6 grab samples (out of 133) above 0.5 g/t Au including 1.77, 2.60 and 4.11 g/t; 6 samples above 0.5% Cu (up to 2.11%);
  • Structural data (foliation and shear zones) and regional magnetic map suggest lithologies in the southern claim block are affected by an E-W deformation corridor that may have controlled the mineralization distribution.

upcoming exploration program

  • Prospecting, geological mapping and rock sampling to define the extent of each lithological unit and to better understand the deformation and mineralization characteristics.