Lake Ménarik Project


Figure 1. Location of all showings discovered on the Lake Ménarik Property.


  • 110 claims (5,653 ha) 100% held by Harfang (33F06); 2% NSR Osisko Gold Royalties on most of the claims;
  • Easily accessible; 5 km east of the James Bay road, 30 km southeast of the La Grande airport; 45 km south of Radisson; 2 powerlines run through the mining claims;
  • Property located in the Archean La Grande Subprovince (Superior Province); includes volcano-sedimentary rocks (Yasinski Group), intermediate to felsic intrusive rocks (Duncan Suite and Amisach Wat Pluton), sedimentary rocks with a Timiskaming-type conglomerate (Ekomiak Formation), and ultramafic and mafic lamprophyres; greenschist to amphibolite facies (metamorphic contrast along the Lac Menarik Fault);
  • High-grade gold commonly associated with quartz-carbonate veins hosted in several types of lithologies: K-feldspar porphyritic monzonite, mafic volcanics, gabbro, wacke, arenite, iron formation, polymictic conglomerate; complex alterations (e.g. carbonates, quartz, hematite, chlorite, sericite, K-feldspar, albite); disseminated sulphides: commonly pyrite, local chalcopyrite, and rare pyrrhotite and arsenopyrite; mineralization most commonly in sheared, fractured and deformed lithologies;
  • More than 500 surficial sampling sites grade between 1 and 1,918 g/t Au; showings were discovered at each exploration phase;
  • Mineralization characterized by high-grade gold veins (with visible gold) and low gold tenors over large widths; some of the best results are:
    • 0.89 g/t Au over 68.25 m (DDH) [Pierre showing]
    • 12.46 g/t Au and 25.5 g/t Ag over 3.60 m(channel) [Gordie showing]
    • 18.75 g/t Au, 31.1 g/t Ag and 0.41% Cu over 0.88 m (channel) [David showing];
    • 110.83 g/t Au (grab) and 1.06 g/t Au over 4.51 m (DDH) [Ekomiak showing]
    • 1,917.75 g/t Au (grab) [Massé showing]
    • 1.04 g/t Au over 24.9 m (channel) [Greco showing];
  • Two possible metallogenic models: orogenic gold and monzonite-associated gold;
  • Only 17 drillholes in a small area of the property; no drilling since 2001;
  • Many unexplained IP and till anomalies.


  • Drilling focussed on structural lineaments in the vicinity of the monzonite intrusion;
  • Additional prospecting in claims acquired in 2019 and up-ice of gold-in-till anomalies, and channel sampling on selected gold showings.