La Passe

    Property covers 4,117 hectares (80 claims ) and is 100% held by Harfang (33F07); no NSR
    Located 80 km southeast of Radisson and 15 km south of the Transtaiga road
    Accessible by aerial transportation and by boat (Lake Sakami)
    Dominated by weakly metamorphosed (greenschist facies) wacke and arenite, local pegmatite
    Transition between the La Grande and Opinaca subprovinces progressing towards east, metamorphic transition from greenschists to amphibolite facies

    Geological setting reminiscent of that of the Eleonore gold mine (Low Formation, metamorphic contrast across the La Grande-Opinaca contact)
    Approximately 20 km from the LaPointe gold deposit, in a similar geological context

    Follow-up on the recent initial prospecting

Figure 1: Location of the La Passe property with respect to other Harfang’s projects and the contact between the La Grande and Opinaca subprovinces.